Offensive variety a consistent theme in Big Sky Conference

Dan Hawkins likened it to an “indie musician banging away at the local pub.”

Unique, varied, creative – but it’s not a person the second-year UC Davis head coach refers to, but rather than many-faceted personalities of the Big Sky Conference’s offensive unit.Adam-Eastwood-takes-hand-off-from-Dalton-Sneed

With 13 different teams adopting 13 different approaches, perhaps Hawkins might expand his simile from a single indie musician to open mic night. For a guy who claims zero affinity for Top 40 music, the simile is meant as a positive.

“Give me the guy who thinks outside the box,” he said.

One one side of the spectrum lies Cal Poly, which operates an old-school triple option offense that puts priority on running the ball between the tackles; on the other side, the spread offense of Eastern Washington and its seemingly endless string of All-American quarterbacks.

“Preparing defensive game plans in this league reminds me a little bit of when you are a high school coach when you are playing a Wing-T team one week and a triple option team the next and then you are playing a run-and-shoot team,” said Montana State head coach Jeff Choate in July. “There is a lot of diversity in the offensive styles.”


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