Where are you signing?

It’s the opening day of the early signing period in college football, and it has stolen some of the shine from National Signing Day in February.

To commemorate the day, Ryan Tootell and Colter Nuanez shared where they would sign if they were prized high school football recruits on Wednesday’s show.

They answered what position they would play, how many stars they would have, where they would sign, and how they would reveal their choice.

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Colter Nuanez

Colter revealed that he would probably be a 1 or 2-star offensive lineman. In his dreams though, he’s a 4-star middle linebacker headed to Penn State University because that was his goal as a 10-year old.

Ryan believes that Colter would actually be destined for Nevada or UNLV, but Colter doubted whether he’d be able to last five full years at one of those fine institutions.

As for the reveal, Colter said he’d keep it excruciatingly boring and allow his school of choice to release the news.

Ryan Tootell

If there were ever a zero star athlete, Ryan would fit the bill. In his dreams, he’s a 5-star defensive end that would make Jadeveon Clowney jealous.

After considering schools in the Northwest and the MAC, he’d have to stick with Death Valley in Louisiana. LSU would be his spot.

While Colter didn’t want anyone to really know, Ryan said he’s ordering some Chinese fireworks. Those fireworks will be shooting out purple and gold and tigers and anything else related to LSU.

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