Get set for winter: Win a free kegerator and keg!

Warm jackets were made for pansies. Gloves and hats are the thing of wusses.

Everyone knows the best way to ride out the cold Montana winter is with cold Montana beer.

This year, 102.9 ESPN is setting you and your whole crew up right with a free kegerator and keg of your choice from our friends at Fred’s Appliance and Worden’s Market and Deli!

kegWhat exactly is a kegerator? We’ll ignore your ignorance for a sec and break down the equation: Beer keg plus refrigerator equals kegerator.

But this one is more than just a chilled spot to hold your party trophy: It also includes a CO2 tank, beer dispenser and aforementioned beer.

In other words, it’s a prize package specifically designed to honor the important rituals of both pre- and after-party.

So when you head out for the football game or to meet some … friends … downtown, your keg will still be cool and carbonated when you return. In fact, it’ll still be cool and carbonated when you finally roll off the sofa Monday afternoon.

We’re grateful to you for making 102.9 ESPN Missoula your local sports headquarters, and we’re grateful to Fred’s Appliance and Worden’s Market and Deli for helping us hook you up with this spiffy package of beer-drinking gloriousness.

So now the important part: How do you win it?Freds-Appliance-Logo

We’ll be prompting listeners with a “Word of the Day” twice every weekday during our afternoon sports show, Tootell & Totanka.

Starting October 9th, tune in to T&T  from 4-6 wordens_bannerpm and listen for the prompt. When you hear it the “Word of the Day”, text it to us at 200-8184 and we’ll throw your name in the hat.

The best part? You can qualify as many times as you like.

So sit back, listen to Missoula’s only LIVE daily sports talk, get your textin’ fingers ready and start dreaming of the day when you – yes YOU – are once again Mr. Cool Guy at the party.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for keeping your dial on 102.9 ESPN Missoula!

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